Everything you need to know about the 15th edition of the Belgian International Badminton Championships.

What’s changed?
Since our event got a new logo, we decided to give our website a good update and a brand new look and feel. The biggest change is that we created two separate sections; one for the players and one for the spectators. This to make it more easy to find the right information you need.

In the players section, the players can find all the information they need to participate in the tournament. Where to enter the tournament, who to contact for hotels, transport, accreditations, practice courts, … All the necessary documents are collected on one page.

On our spectators page we decided to go for an infinite scroll page, where you can find all the information you need as a spectator. Besides that we integrated our ticket sales in our website so you can buy your tickets instantly. We also created a page with a detailled floor plan and a page with information how to get there. We also added a webshop where you can buy the latest merchandise.

We will keep updating our website and give you al the latest news. We invite you to scroll trough our website and ofcourse, don’t forget to buy tickets.

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